ISTRATS delivers high value strategic & management consulting solutions to corporates and portfolio investors in order to maximize effectiveness of their business.
The scope of our services includes the following broad range of solutions:


Management Consulting

  • Corporate strategy: provide corporate vision and performance objectives while managing business portfolio, operational model and financial strategy

  • Business-unit strategy: define current and future sources of competitive advantages in the business unit, and develop a plan to capture and sustain those advantages by analyzing market demand, competitive conditions and levers of strategic advantage

  • Vendor due-diligence: strategic analysis of potential target to the benefit of a Corporate or Private Equity fund

  • Post merger integration: smooth integration of newly acquired business in line with acquirer’s strategy, including realignment of product offer, customer segmentation, organization and processes

  • Marketing and customer strategy: market sizing and segmentation, product & brand portfolio assessment and restructuring, customer segmentation and design of offer per segment

  • Distribution channels: streamlining commercial vertical and refocusing it on sales activities, development of new / alternative distribution channels

  • Organization and cost optimization: evaluation of organization structure, realignment with strategic objectives, diagnostics of existing processes, benchmarking with peers, design and implementation of optimized processes

  • Purchasing optimization: cost savings through segmentation of procurement items, realignment of needs and sizing, pooling with global purchasing interface of mother group

  • Risk management: serving both Financial Services organizations and Corporate treasury, review and optimization of credit risks (risk approval, monitoring, collection), market risks (interest, currency,…)