As a complement to its strategy, financial advisory and management consulting services, International Strategy Solutions has developed a specific capacity in Business Intelligence, on its core territories of operations of Eastern Europe and the CIS.

Business Intelligence includes assessment of potential partner’s background, operational capabilities, reputation, and integrity.

International Strategy Solutions has already performed a large number of business-oriented investigations and analyses for the largest international corporations and financial institutions.

Investigations for Corporations

  • Prior to a new opportunity, a large commercial contract, joint venture, takeover, or any other form of  new business venture with an individual or a large corporation, our clients are eager to check their business partner’s background, operational capabilities and reputation

Investigations for Financial Institutions

  • On behalf of our clients in the financial services industry, we undertake background analysis of existing or prospective corporate or private customers, checking the source and stability of their wealth, their reputation and integrity

  • On the lending side, and particularly in Russia and the CIS, we also provide support to financial institutions in debt recovery procedure